Men who want to be feminists do not need to be given a space in feminism. They need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist. - Kelley Temple, National Union of Students UK Women’s Officer (via funeral)

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Sophia Loren / publicity still for Alessandro Blasetti’s Peccato che sia una canaglia [English title: Too Bad She’s Bad] (1954)
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― Into the Wild (2007)Chris: Some people feel like they don’t deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps to the past.
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As it should be.
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The rarest of the rare: a men’s magazine advocating hairy armpits on women.
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broken body

"I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep."
You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you - Redvers Bailey (via guntoyourhead)
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untitled by Randy P. Martin on Flickr.
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